Hi! Welcome to one of the greatest blog on earth about Classifying Elements. My group and I are 5th graders, we made this blog to help other people and ourself to learn more about our topic. Here you can learn about classifying different kind of elements in the world, you can also learn about tiny particles in the world like atoms and molecules. Also don’t miss out on our glogster page to watch videos. The best pageĀ  you can check on our blog is our reasearch page, because you can give us ideas to make our report way better. We also have vocabulary page and our game page, our game page includes vocabulary games so the vocabulary can help you out with those games. Also visit our link categories which contains our outline, and there you can check if we did the things in order in our research report. You can also check out our reflection page and help us how we can fix our problems. Also give us advice with the things we can do differently so we can make our job easier and make our blog to look better. Also make sure you look at the FAQ page the FAQ page is the page where you ask questions and also you should subscribe so you can get an email if we post or add new things to our blog.


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  1. I think this is such a great project for your science class. This is an ambitious accomplishment for 5th graders. I am impressed by the work you and your group have put into this blog. The pages are very helpful as well. You should be proud of your hard work. Please continue with this ambition!!

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